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CMW Group, Inc. is a full-service architectural firm, founded in 1994 by architect Richard M. Washburn (President), Jack S. Cash (Vice-President), and Bruce G. Mahlandt (Secretary/Treasurer), providing professional architectural and planning services throughout the Central Maryland region, as well as for other specific regional project site locations in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even well beyond the tri-state area, for a building project located in North Carolina. To this day, the success of CMW Group, Inc. owes much to the combined 50 years of related architectural and construction experience accrued by the current business partners. Furthermore, two other senior staff members each have over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of architecture and construction.

One of the founding partners, Jack Cash, retired from the business in 2006, and Richard Washburn (President) and Bruce Mahlandt (Vice-President/Secretary/Treasurer) currently remain as equal managing partners and business owners. In 1996, CMW Group, Inc. purchased Titus-Fox and Associates, Inc., a well-respected 12-year old architectural firm, which had provided services throughout the local area, resulting in a much-expanded client base. Since that time, CMW Group, Inc. has achieved great success in working to gain and retain the trust of these same clients, as represented by the fact that more than half of the projects we undertake are for repeat clients.

CMW Group, Inc. maintains a state-of-the-art office environment in the downtown historic district of Frederick, Maryland, within easy walking distance of most local governmental offices. Our history of integrated architectural design and project supervision, as well as the combined years of local and regional professional experience of our complete staff, continuously benefits our clients who operate within the City of Frederick and Frederick County, Maryland areas, in terms of technical expertise, design efficiency, and client responsiveness. The staff at CMW Group, Inc. has extensive experience related to the schematic planning, design and development, bidding and negotiations, construction administration, and code compliance for all types of architectural projects, including master-planning, new building construction, renovation and rehabilitation of existing facilities, new additions for existing buildings, simple interior remodeling, simple exterior facade improvements, interior space planning and design, and handicap-accessibility (ADA) evaluations, to name several.

In summary, CMW Group, Inc. is prepared to provide the highest quality professional services on any type of architectural and construction project, regardless of the scope of work involved, in an efficient and timely manner, and will always work to ensure the satisfaction of our clients' needs throughout every phase of any given project, from design inception through post-occupancy